kadyellebee is a knitwear design shop, specializing in creating patterns with captivating techniques and a story behind them.


the patterns available on this site feature a variety of knitting techniques like lace, short rows, drop stitches, and more. currently featuring 4 shawls in different shapes and sizes for your knitting enjoyment! visit the patterns page for a gallery and to buy your copy.

knitting patterns by kadyellebee


are you looking for a handmade item? the etsy store has prototypes for sale: a wide variety of shawls, scarves, and bags are ready for any season and many styles.

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kristine is a giggly geeky mindful girl who loves to craft.

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~k: my answers :)~ I am A Guardian (Taurus), and Art (Pisces) is what makes me feel emotionally happy, but I express my needs and thoughts in A Practical (Taurus) way.  When it comes to love, I will be Protective (Aries), but when I get angry, I will become Selfish (Cancer).
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